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Discover The route of the lost treasure

Contest Lost Treasure

Win an all-inclusive weekend!

Welcome, intrepid adventurers, to the exciting Route of the Lost Treasure . Get ready to set sail on a voyage full of fun and treasure!

Who will win the title of the bravest pirate? Will it be you?
Walk the Route of the Lost Treasure map in hand. A journey full of adventures, pirate ships and lost loot that can be yours.

Join the adventure in Costa Encantada , visit us this summer and participate in the raffle for an all-inclusive weekend for you and 3 more intrepid pirates.

To fully participate in the Route of the Lost Treasure, share your adventures with at least 1 image at one of the points on the route in an Instagram, Facebook or Tik Tok post using the hashtag #treasurecostaencantada , follow our account on Instagram , on Facebook or on Tik Tok , depending on where you post, and at the end of the season, all brave adventurers who have participated in the Lost Treasure Trail will have a chance to win a free stay at our pirate-themed water park hotel . More photos mean more chances to win!

So go ahead, sailors! Immerse yourself in the fun, capture the most exciting moments of your adventure on our Lost Treasure Route and share them on social networks. Will you be the lucky one to get the coveted booty? May the favorable winds be with you on this exciting adventure!

Participation clauses


Contest to win a stay at Aparthotel Costa Encantada drawn by Marsol Hotels consisting of: Two-night stay at Aparthotel Costa Encantada for 4 people in All Inclusive.


The promoter and person in charge of the personal data file of the contest on behalf of Aparthotel Costa Encantada is MONJORA, SA (A17115239) domiciled at Nicolau Font i Maig, 2 · 17310 · Lloret de Mar (Girona).

In order to promote its visibility on social networks and interaction with its audience, APARTHOTEL COSTA ENCANTADA plans to hold a contest through its social networks that will be developed in accordance with the following bases.

Participation in the contest is free and all natural persons who have stayed at Aparthotel Costa Encantada from the start of the promotion (August 2023) until the end of the season (November 2023) and who are not employees of Marsol Hotels, relatives, representatives, agents or have any type of relationship with the development of the contest or the campaigns to disseminate them.

Participation implies full and absolute acceptance of these rules and people with the intention of harming or damaging the image of the contest or of Aparthotel Costa Encantada will be automatically disqualified.

Instagram does not sponsor, endorse, or administer this promotion, nor is it associated with it. The user completely disconnects from Facebook and is aware that he is providing his information to APARTHOTEL COSTA ENCANTADA and not to Instagram. The information you provide will be used to manage participation in the contest, notify you of the prize and to manage your stay.


The contest is addressed to all those people who have stayed at Aparthotel Costa Encantada from the start date of the promotion (August 2023) until the end of the season (October 2023), have completed the route of the Lost Treasure Route and have published under the conditions of these bases on your Instagram profile. Participation will be active from 12:00 p.m. on August 8, 2023 until 11:59 p.m. on November 5, 2023.


APARTHOTEL COSTA ENCANTADA will implement an App-Sorteos application on Instagram.com/costaencantada to raffle a stay at Aparthotel Costa Encantada. To participate and enter the contest, users must follow/be followers of the APARTHOTEL COSTA ENCANTADA profile @costaencantada and MARSOL HOTELS @marsolhotels on Instagram, post at least 1 image at the points established within the Lost Treasure Route and include in the publication the hashtag #tesorocostaencantada.

Several entries per person are accepted, that is, a single person may participate more than once in the contest by posting different photographs. The winners will be chosen at random through the previously described App-Sorteos application and if the winner cannot be contacted within a period of 10 days from the first contact attempt or if the winner renounces the prize, a winner will be selected. new winner, losing the previous winner his right to claim the prize.

APARTHOTEL COSTA ENCANTADA will contact the winner through his Instagram profile to collect his data and establish the dates of the raffled stay.

In addition to contacting them directly through the data provided for participating in the contest, the name of the winner will be communicated through the Instagram profile of APARTHOTEL COSTA ENCANTADA @costaencantada


To participate in the contest and be eligible for the prize, the participant must meet these requirements.

  • Having stayed at Aparthotel Costa Encantada from the start date of the promotion (August 2023) until the end of the season (October 2023)
  • Participate in the contest through a real and active Instagram profile, without anomalies and that cannot be considered likely to have been created with the sole intention of participating in the promotion. Therefore, only profiles with the following characteristics will be valid:
      • The user must have a profile picture
      • Profile must not be private
      • The organizer reserves the right to disqualify contestant profiles. Special attention will be paid to fraudulent activities and those profiles in which apparently abusive and malicious behaviors are observed will be excluded or disqualified.
      • In the event of any indication of missing identity or fraudulent use of the profile, the organizer reserves the right to immediately disqualify the participant, unilaterally and without the need for notification or justification to the participant.
  • Being a follower of the Instagram profiles @marsolhotels and @costaencantada
  • Make a publication in post format in the Lost Treasure Route Points.
  • Include in the publication the hashtag or label #tesorocostaencantada
  • Tag the profiles of @marsolhotels and @costaencantada


A contest will be held through the App-Sorteos application. To participate in the contest, the user must comply with all the conditions of participation specified in the previous point. The winners will be decided through the App-Sorteos application, that is, randomly and randomly from among all the participants who meet the requirements.

A person from the APARTHOTEL COSTA ENCANTADA team will contact the winners via Instagram within a period not exceeding 10 business days after the prize is assigned, to send their information to proceed with the prize delivery.


The prize offered by APARTHOTEL COSTA ENCANTADA consists of a stay for 4 people for two nights in all-inclusive service for the 2024 season, subject to availability.


Once the identity of the winners is known, APARTHOTEL COSTA ENCANTADA will publish the names of the winners in the profile of APARTHOTEL COSTA ENCANTADA. By accepting these bases, the participants give their consent for APARTHOTEL COSTA ENCANTADA to publish their name (or Instagram identity) on Instagram.


The winner accepts that their Instagram username and public profile photo will be published on profiles and other websites of the organization to communicate the winner of the promotion.

The APARTHOTEL COSTA ENCANTADA team will contact the winner in a period not exceeding 10 business days through the Instagram profile, for the purpose of formally notifying the achievement of the Prize (hereinafter, the "Notification to the Winner") and agree on the date of satisfaction of this. In this sense, APARTHOTEL COSTA ENCANTADA reserves the right to request the winner to provide all personal data that is reasonably necessary to satisfy the prize. The refusal by the winner to provide this personal data, if this objectively makes it impossible to make the prize awarded available to the winner, will imply the loss of the right to the prize by the winner, with the effects described below:

After 10 calendar days have elapsed since the first notification by APARTHOTEL COSTA ENCANTADA to the winners without APARTHOTEL COSTA ENCANTADA obtaining any response to it from the winners, or if the winners refuse to provide any of the personal data requested ( according to the provisions of the previous paragraph) the winners will lose their right to obtain the prize.

Likewise, the winner who does not meet the eligibility requirements stipulated in these bases will not be entitled to receive the prize.

The veracity of all the data provided by the participant is an essential condition to be able to access the prizes awarded in the promotion. APARTHOTEL COSTA ENCANTADA is not responsible for the correct satisfaction of the prize in the event that the data provided is erroneous or incomplete. Any change in the participant's data must be notified to APARTHOTEL COSTA ENCANTADA as soon as possible in order to make possible the correct satisfaction of the prize.


APARTHOTEL COSTA ENCANTADA reserves the right to suspend or vary the promotion at any time, as well as to modify these bases during its development.

The suspension, variation or modification of the promotion will be communicated by means of a notice on the Instagram profile @costaencantada. These suspensions, variations or modifications will not give right in any case to a claim by the current or potential participants in the promotion.


The information provided by the participants will be included in a file owned by APARTHOTEL COSTA ENCANTADA. This information will be treated in accordance with current legislation on the protection of personal data.

Purpose of the processing of personal data: The collection and processing of personal data has the following purposes:

  • Manage the promotion proposed in these bases.
  • The delivery and acceptance of the prize by the winning participants.

The personal data that will be requested from the winner and processed are:

  • The necessary data for the delivery of the prize: name / surname / address / postal code / city / email.

Data controller: MONJORA, SA, email: info@marsolhotels.com

Data retention: The data controller will only keep the data when it is necessary to carry out follow-up actions, taking into account the purpose of the personal data processing.

Contact information: RIGHTS: You have the right to request access, rectification, deletion, and/or portability of your data and the opposition and/or limitation of your treatment, by writing to the address of the person in charge or at info@marsolhotels.com indicating the specific treatment and the right you want to exercise. In case of divergences, you can file a claim with the Data Protection Authority ( www.agpd.es ).


APARTHOTEL COSTA ENCANTADA is exempt from any liability in the event of an error in the data provided by the same prize-winning participant that prevented their identification or satisfaction.